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5G. The network that everybody is scared of or is exited about. It introduces so many new features and more possibilities for profit. Aside that, some people think that 5G caused the Coronavirus, some think it kills pigeons and many more conspiracies to come.

Let’s talk about the possible points of profit. As 5G delivers high speeds connections, it can be most likely used as a source for home internet. A con about that is that 5G uses NanoCell radio waves which can break very easily, as the smaller the frequency, the faster the wave is torn apart. Why is this bad? For camper users (people that live in vans and campers because they like travelling), coverage is an absolute necessity, because they travel to different places frequently and with this disability of constant connection, that would not be profitable.

As of the hate that 5G has been receiving, I want to talk about how stupid some of the things are. No hate towards people that do believe in these things, it is just my opinion. First, I would like to talk about “protecting yourself”. When I hear that, I just start laughing silently, as I am questioning myself how this protection works… In today’s world, we are surrounded by EMF or Electromagnetic Fields, which transfer signals from phones to base stations. 3G, 4G LTE use those fields (as well as 5G) and I haven’t seen or heard about a dead pigeon in this 4/4.5G world. I highly doubt that that there will be any animal suffering from these fields with 5G. Here comes the quirky part: a while ago, the English Government recommended a £319 USB stick that generated a shield from 5G, well the catch is, no, it does not produce any sort of shield and is just a standalone USB stick with 0.5GB of memory. At this point I think 5G is overrated.

Another issue I want to talk about is – audio quality when calling through the phone. Many providers currently have VoLTE, they are not using it as a standard way of calling, which doesn’t really worry me, but it bugs me. For years, people have been working on internet improvements, but not phoning improvements. If I could change something in 4G/5G, it would be to apply VoLTE/Vo5G to every compatible phone.

It is simply a network bandwidth that is used to improve the network capabilities of 4G. My opinion is that everything in this category is an ABSOLUTE mess and needs to be solved. Oh, and one more fact – 5G is BANNED from some cities in Bulgaria, which is just too much…

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