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The Winter Season – a true miracle!

The Winter Season – a true miracle!

It’s going to be winter soon! It is my favourite season of the year. I am going to tell you why, and what are the true wonders behind the festive season. Winter season is a very interesting, warm and comfy season. It makes me feel comfortable, connected, seated, relaxed and happy. The main things that make me feel happy are Christmas, New Year and the many other celebrations that happen from November to March. Let’s talk about Christmas.

Christmas Day is one of my favourite days, as there are presents, and the family gets together. That is what I love. On that day, it is just a sense of happiness and festiveness that I always feel. All of the things that you do from picking presents, setting the table, decorating the walls with lights, putting the balls on the Christmas Tree, baking the cookies and sweets and many more just make me feel happy and relieved.

All of the Christmas songs and singers, like Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson make me feel extra special. They are like the Cherry on top of the cake. All of these things combined are just a full blast of happiness. Christmas isn’t only about religion, it’s also about love and connection, especially nowadays. The true Christmas miracle kind of went away in every 35-70 year old adult, especially in 2020. Christmas didn’t feel as exciting for many people as it did in 2019.

I think this year is going to be better, because of the vaccines. Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J&J really helped lower the infection rates of the virus, which allows many people to get together and feel the way that they used to. Christmas is also a religious occasion. According to many student books, Jesus was born on that day, so in Orthodox Europe, people go to church that day, which is also part of that “Christmas Miracle”.

New Year is almost the same, but there are lots of fireworks and it is a non-religious celebration. All of the fireworks, the songs, the food and everything else just entirely puts the second cherry on the cake. You make resolutions and other things, that you may not even begin doing or repairing, but it’s just a part of the entire warm winter miracle. The snow outside is also something that fulfills it and makes the day better.

Going to different places, such as restaurants on snowy hills, skiing places, lifts and even other countries will also add to that amazing feeling, which can make you happy for for the majority of the year after. It is really a very comfy season, which is full of festivity and warmth. All of these make me love the winter season.

To see more about Christmas, you can visit Wikipedia and read all about it. It is very interesting.


This is a short text about how I feel in the Winter Season, because it is one of my favourite times of the year. Thank you for reading it, it means a lot to me. Feel free to share your feelings in the comments, but please stay on topic. If you want to see more right in your email, you can subscribe by using the first button to the right, but keep in mine that there will be a service provider change soon, so by subscribing, you agree to get sent emails, and get it transferred to a better email newsletter service. Have a nice day!

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