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London – A Diverse, Unique & Big City – My experience

Yes, London. A dream place of mine to go to someday. And soon, the time came. Starting from tomorrow, until the II November, I will publish photos I’ve taken in the city and I will add short but expressive texts to every single one, hence the fact that England is where English was created. Thanks for tuning in! October 28th: […]

Kavala, Greece – a Bulgarian’s Perspective

All the way back in May, I went to Kavala for 3 nights. As a person who hadn’t travelled outside Bulgaria in more than 4 years, my opinions may be a bit over exaggerated, so please have this in mind. Thank you.  Once we got to the border control, my phone started glitching out with mobile service, as there was […]

iPhone 12 – a year’s use and its aftermath.

This is a one-year review of my past main phone, the standard iPhone 12. I’ve had it for about a year and a half (roughly 16 months). We need to take a look at the specifications first. The phone has an A14 Bionic chip, which’s efficiency according to Apple was one of the best. Even if it comes to battery […]

ASUS ZenBook 13 (UM325UA) Review

Hello! Sorry for my four month absence. This is a review about my new laptop. I chose it because of its slim design, and really nothing else. It was also discounted with 20%.  ASUSTek have never been on my laptop list. Although I have known the company for a while, I didn’t really think of them as a laptop company, […]

alokinBlogs Website Update 3-15

At this time of the year, I implement big changes to the website interface, and I am doing it again, for the third time! I will not be having an overhaul of new things, but there will be improvements in creativity, quality etc. This update was supposed to be scheduled for December 1st, but I moved it to November 21st. […]

Dell UltraSharp Monitor (U2722D) Review

This is my review of the monitor that I am using now. Four months ago, I got a new monitor, as I wanted something new. Amongst many options, I bought the Dell UltraSharp U2722D Monitor, as it fit my needs perfectly. My needs are: minimalistic design A good fit between my computer and my peripherals A 27 inch display with […]

The Winter Season – a true miracle!

It’s going to be winter soon! It is my favourite season of the year. I am going to tell you why, and what are the true wonders behind the festive season. Winter season is a very interesting, warm and comfy season. It makes me feel comfortable, connected, seated, relaxed and happy. The main things that make me feel happy are […]

iOS 15 – First Impressions and Review

The 15th generation of the operating system that Apple uses for their tablets and phones is now available to download! It is called iOS 15. With many new features, I am excited to review it and share my first impressions for it. iOS 15 became available to the public on the 20th of September, at 16:00 British Time. I was […]