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Starlink is a technology created by the owner of Tesla – Elon Musk. It is made to deliver high speed and “low latency” to every home. I personally don’t have it installed in my household, as I think it is not right for me and the planet, but first, let’s see how does this technology works. Once you order the […]


5G. The network that everybody is scared of or is exited about. It introduces so many new features and more possibilities for profit. Aside that, some people think that 5G caused the Coronavirus, some think it kills pigeons and many more conspiracies to come. Let’s talk about the possible points of profit. As 5G delivers high speeds connections, it can […]

Virtual Payments

In today’s modern world, there are many things that make life easier, like phones, robots, and the Internet. In this first blog, I will be taking about things that make life easier and you should try them. A Virtual Debit Card is a card number that you can add to any phone. Think of it as a normal card, but […]