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Starlink is a technology created by the owner of Tesla – Elon Musk. It is made to deliver high speed and “low latency” to every home. I personally don’t have it installed in my household, as I think it is not right for me and the planet, but first, let’s see how does this technology works. Once you order the needed equipment, you receive:

  • A satellite
  • A signal box
  • Cables

That’s it. Nothing else. At first glance you might think that this is very good. Yes, it is, but it isn’t. Why is it good? Well, the speeds of the internet are blazing fast for a satellite internet connection. It can go up to 100Mbps Download and Upload, with just 20ms of latency. For $95 (not sure if it is a membership), that is considerably good. OK, what is the bad thing about it?

The bad thing about this satellite are the methods that are used for it to function. Here is how it works:

There are over 10 000 satellites just outside the atmosphere, which means that they move along with the Earth, so they stay still to us, for now, there is nothing wrong, but Elon Musk claimed that he was going to launch over 40000 satellites! That is insane and too hard to handle. What if a satellite falls? What about if 1000 fell in different areas of the world, that sucks and that is all for fast internet… This is what I hate about Starlink. It is a literal mess. Imagine this, every night, you can see satellites really close to each other, well not quite, but you can see them often in the clear night sky, I wouldn’t enjoy that. This is my bias towards Starlink.

Thank you for reading my blog! I’ve been learning online for 3 months now but starting from tomorrow, I will be meeting all my friends and classmates again at school. After two weeks, I am online school for another two weeks and that will repeat. What does this have in common with my blog? Well, I wanted to inform you that I am sticking to the routine of posting one blog a week and I wanted you to know that my blogs will not be as detailed and long as my previous ones, because I have quite some exams. Thank you for reading this blog and if you liked it, please consider subscribing, it would be fantastic! 🙂

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