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London – A Diverse, Unique & Big City – My experience

Yes, London. A dream place of mine to go to someday. And soon, the time came. Starting from tomorrow, until the II November, I will publish photos I’ve taken in the city and I will add short but expressive texts to every single one, hence the fact that England is where English was created. Thanks for tuning in! October 28th: […]

Kavala, Greece – a Bulgarian’s Perspective

All the way back in May, I went to Kavala for 3 nights. As a person who hadn’t travelled outside Bulgaria in more than 4 years, my opinions may be a bit over exaggerated, so please have this in mind. Thank you.  Once we got to the border control, my phone started glitching out with mobile service, as there was […]

Another trip in Central-North Bulgaria!

Today, I am going to a very ethnic village called Etar (Етър). In the village, there are many museums about people that have lived in the past, but mainly people that helped Bulgaria be independent from the ottomans. More specifically, Vasil Levski, Dimcho Delelyanov and many more…. Since in Etar, there are two hotels available, which can’t fit my family […]

Nessebar (again!)

Finally, after this winter season, I will be going to Nessebar again, but for longer. This Friday, me and my parents are going to Nessebar, to explore the region more precisely, and enjoying a normal cool weather, not like last time, it was around 29ºC, so we almost got a heat stroke. Everything on top, we were hungry as the […]