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PlayStation 5 – The Saga around it and my Long Term Review

PlayStation 5 – The Saga around it and my Long Term Review

If you don’t know, I have a PlayStation 5. I got it on launch day in Europe (19th November 2020) and I was one of the lucky ones, as I didn’t realise that the console would become the most influenced console of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Scalpers (people that buy rare things in bulk and sell them on eBay) were pushing people to get in front of the line, but that was one person, which was a 15 year old male which loved PlayStation. He was behind me and he had most likely reserved 15 PlayStation 5 units, as there was a flaw in the website of the store I was getting my unit from. The initial limit that Sony Interactive Entertainment had given was one console per person. They quickly realised that there was a flaw in the website and repaired it immediately. Anyways, back to my experience. I had previously made a in-store pre-order of the console and I paid for it in advance. It’s price was more expensive than the original price, due to high demand, and you know, every company wants some sweet sweet money. I paid $609 for the PS5, instead of $499 for the disc version. Part of these 100 dollars were from the cost of duty and customs and delivery, though.

I also got another controller and a docking station for the two controllers that I was supposed to have. In total, I paid $689 for all my things and I actually got them! Some people got really unlucky as there were no more units, because they hadn’t pre-ordered a unit in advance, but there was a new delivery of around 50 more units, so it was fine afterwards. I got my console and went home.

I set it up and it was great! Miles better from my previous Nintendo Switch. One of the best things about the PlayStation 5 was the fact that it supported DTS 5.1 and 4K, which I had in my living room! Once I launched ASTRO’s Playroom, I was thrilled. The gameplay was amazing! There was a lot of detail in the graphics. Overall, amazing first impression. Further on, my console had one GPU issue, where it would show random colours on my TV, which were not interactive. I restarted the console and it was fixed. With other games, like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the graphics were immaculate! 

I have had this console for 8 months and it has been amazing as a multimedia device and a gaming console. I am definitely impressed by the design, performance and compatibility.

I am going to be setting up a new Rating System, called alokinStar. There are different categories for every type of technological product. For consoles, the criteria is:

Performance: 92/100

Price: 100/100

Design: 92/100

Multimedia Viewing: 93/100

Gaming: 99/100

Quality: 93/100

Software: 95/100

Additional Points for Feel: 98/100

Overall score: 86/100 (Amazing)

Scaling System:

0-10 – Scam, 11-20 – Bad, 21-40 – Not Decent, 41-60 – Not the best, 61-75 – Reasonable, 76-80 – Good, 80-95 – Amazing, 96-100 – Mind-blowing

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