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The backstory of alokinOS…

3 years ago, I installed Ubuntu by Canonical on a virtual machine and I loved the new design, but there was a major flaw – most of the programs I used on Windows were not compatible, so I tried an emulator called Wine, but it didn’t work. I was pissed off:

– Only if there was a way to make everything to my standards. – I thought to myself… (Ubuntu isn’t to my standards to this day, but it has improved a lot since 2017) 

So, I started learning about Linux and making attempts to make my very own Linux Distribution, but then, I retired and forgot about this project for two years. I was devastated, because of a single command that I didn’t write properly. It was “mkinitcpio -p linux” or something like that.

One year later, I tried again, but something wasn’t right with my code, so I gave up again. Looking at this, I just want to laugh at my previous self, I gave up easily. I abandoned the idea for 8 months until December 2020, it sparked again, so I started, but I didn’t give up. I tried 3 times, used different tutorials and techniques and then I made a Windows based OS, I named it “KTS Massive Beta” but it was still Windows though. I wanted to say that it was my creation, not Bill Gates’. It was the 31st of December, at 8PM, I started again, but I kept failing, and on the 1st of January, 2021, I switched back to Linux and tried again, but school started, so I couldn’t finish it. 

I had a little bit more time to spare, so I started again, and them failed 3 times. I had set up a goal to finish the operating system by the end of February, so I could publish it on the 1st of March. I kept trying and on the 3rd of March, I had time to finish the system, and I did, the real deal was that I couldn’t install a graphical interface. I had originally planned to install Gnome, but I thought again, and turned to KDE, as a graphical interface, it was a lot harder to install it, but you have to work hard if you want to be proud of yourself for your own creation.

Back to the story: When I managed to execute the graphical interface, I jumped in joy, and on that day, I published the beta version of the system, the next day, I posted a download link to the stable version and as of the 8th of March, I am going to post the first feature update. I am happy with this OS. I immediately named it after the alokin/tm trademark and named it alokinOS. On the next day, I took a picture of a sunrise, so I called alokinOS – alokinOS “Sunrise”. 

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