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Terms and Conditions |Alokin Blogs

Terms and Conditions |Alokin Blogs

These are the official Terms and Conditions of Alokin Blogs. Don’t think of it as a lot, it just covers the things that make the site functional and some rules.

  1. Restrictions (for users)

It is prohibited for users to:

  • Swearing and Hate Speech
  • Sending pornographic content in the comment section of a blog
  • Sending Malicious links
  • Self-Promotion
  • Sending Inappropriate Jokes that can harm the feelings of a person and harm him/her mentally.

All of these things are strongly prohibited as this blog is for children and adults from the age 10-11+.

2. Reporting issues or people

When it comes to an issue with the website, for example: any malfunctioning links, loading times that are longer than 6 seconds from the entrance of the website, wrong site layout and more…

When it comes to reporting people, please, take this seriously. You can only report a person if he/she has done any of the things in Category 1. There are not going to be any consequences if it is “just by mistake”, but if something/someone is being reported repeatedly, the person reporting that thing is going to be removed from his/her subscription and is going to be sent a warning.

3. Legal information

If anybody hacks the website, it is going to be shut down, until the threat is removed. If there are no visual changes to the website, only subscribing will be disabled. If somebody wants to subscribe during that type of situation can send a request at programmernicky@gmail.com.


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