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My computer interest through the years.

As you may know, I love computers and the logic behind them, but what sparked a light in my head about them.

My first interactions with a computer were around early 2012 when Windows 7 was a hit and Windows 8 was released. I used the family computer and could navigate to YouTube in Chrome and Play Windows 7 games. It was pretty fun back then. My dad saw my interest (or at least I hope he did) in computers, so he taught me more and more things, like opening programs and changing the desktop background.

Two years later, my dad bought me a Lenovo laptop, that I could use. It was not anything special, but it was a whole new experience for me back then. I could record audio on Audacity, play Minecraft, search on Google and create user accounts. It was fun, as I had a personal computer, which I could play games on with my friends. One day, I saw a little flat Windows logo in my taskbar. It was about downloading Windows 10 on my computer, so I told my father and I started downloading it. After about 40 minutes, it was downloaded and IT WAS SO COOL. Everything was new, but I didn’t like it because I had already gotten used to the transparency of Windows 7 user interface, but I didn’t mind it much. It was all the same, until my dad gave me another laptop. It was an Acer Aspire Laptop, and it was so fast, but it served the same.

I had that laptop from 2016 to 2018, before getting it replaced by a Workstation Laptop by Dell. It was a Dell Latitude E5430, and this was the laptop that I used to its fullest, I made VMs on it and I made many things. I programmed, and used it for the majority of online school, until it failed to boot. One morning, it gave me an error screen saying that there was no startup file. I had to use my previous laptop temporarily before getting a new desktop computer that I built by myself, it was so fast and served me my needs and is my computer till this day.

This was my story, I am going to be working on a new update for April and May, so, expect that. If you liked this story, please consider subscribing to my blog by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button on the top right, it would make my day. Thank you for reading.

By Nikola M.

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