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Macs with the new M1 chip…

Macs with the new M1 chip…

This is a blog in which I will express my opinion about the new M1 chips. This post was supposed to be published in March, but I had a lot of different things to do (mostly school).

When Apple first announced that they were switching to a new processor architecture, which is used in most phones today, (it is called “ARM” and its long name is Advanced RISC Machines) I was disappointed as I thought they were going to put an Apple A14X Bionic chip in their Mac lineup. Why did I think that, you may ask. Well, every Mac computer after the ’90s runs macOS, which is Apple’s operating system in their Mac lineup. My logic was:

Well, if they put a phone processor in a computer, it will not be optimised.

A stupid Nikola

Turns out, I was completely wrong. Apple had:
1. Created a very fast ARM processor, that was very different from the A series of CPUs

2. Created a new version of the OS, macOS Big Sur

At least that was good. If you’ve been a long-term subscriber, you might have read my post about Linux. If you haven’t, here is a short recap.

One day, while I was working on a prototype of alokinOS, which I had named “Project KTS”, my computer shut down and couldn’t boot into Windows, so I tried reinstalling Windows in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface version of my computer, but it wouldn’t boot again. So, I had to install Ubuntu Focal Fossa on it. It worked! After 2 months, I tried reinstalling Windows 10, and it worked! It was a true miracle, but I had issues with display drivers for a while, but I fixed them. The computer was alright, when some of the ports were recognised as floppy disk drives. I thied possible fixes, but Windows still said that I have 5 Floppy disk drives. I couldn’t fix it. So what did I do? Since I had been saving up for a new PC, I decided to get a M1 Mac mini computer, because it had better components in it.

And yesterday, it arrived. I was so happy! This is my 5th computer, and it is very fast (and quiet 😀 ).

Overall, the new Mac Mini and the MacBook Pro are very fast, although I don’t think that about the M1 iMac and MacBook Air. To me, they are slower than what I need. I also don’t really like the design of the new iMac, but that is my opinion. Here I am, making this on a Mac.

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