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Introducing – aOS “Sunrise”! (otherwise called alokinGI) A simple, and beautiful operating system. aOS is the key to customization. Thanks to KDE (kde.org), you can customize your aOS in many ways. You can customize: Fonts Themes Icons Cursors Log-in screens Loading Screens and many more… With alokinOS’ clean controls, icons and management tools, you can navigate around easilly. If you […]

Just a quick update…

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been posting this week. Why? I have exams that are important for the second term and determine my grade by 50%. Another thing that I would like to mention is, I will be applying for a verification mark on my Twitter account. You can visit it by clicking on the button below. Thank […]


Starlink is a technology created by the owner of Tesla – Elon Musk. It is made to deliver high speed and “low latency” to every home. I personally don’t have it installed in my household, as I think it is not right for me and the planet, but first, let’s see how does this technology works. Once you order the […]


5G. The network that everybody is scared of or is exited about. It introduces so many new features and more possibilities for profit. Aside that, some people think that 5G caused the Coronavirus, some think it kills pigeons and many more conspiracies to come. Let’s talk about the possible points of profit. As 5G delivers high speeds connections, it can […]

Virtual Payments

In today’s modern world, there are many things that make life easier, like phones, robots, and the Internet. In this first blog, I will be taking about things that make life easier and you should try them. A Virtual Debit Card is a card number that you can add to any phone. Think of it as a normal card, but […]

Terms and Conditions |Alokin Blogs

These are the official Terms and Conditions of Alokin Blogs. Don’t think of it as a lot, it just covers the things that make the site functional and some rules. Restrictions (for users) It is prohibited for users to: Swearing and Hate Speech Sending pornographic content in the comment section of a blog Sending Malicious links Self-Promotion Sending Inappropriate Jokes […]

Welcome to Alokin Blogs Build 135 Public Beta!

Yes, that is right! Build 135 is now the current build on this website. This is the first major build on this domain. To give you some flashbacks, version 10 of KWRTI (the name of the blog in May last year) was the first ever version of this blog page. The main colours were green and blue. It was a […]


Linux is a operating subsystem that can be modified in many ways. You can currently purchase of download some operating systems (ex. Ubuntu, Debora etc.) for free. A week ago I attempted to make a Linux Distrobution, by the name of IBGSoftware, an easy guider. The purpose of the OS was to help the disadvantaged (people that are blind, or […]

My goals

Hello, I am Nikola. I am 11 years old and I live in Bulgaria. My first language is Bulgarian but I have been studying English for 5-6 years, so I think I am capable of making blogs. I have many hobbies, such as programming, blog writing and graphic designing, but the thing that I love to do the most is […]