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alokinBlogs Website Update 3-15

At this time of the year, I implement big changes to the website interface, and I am doing it again, for the third time! I will not be having an overhaul of new things, but there will be improvements in creativity, quality etc. This update was supposed to be scheduled for December 1st, but I moved it to November 21st. […]

Another trip in Central-North Bulgaria!

Today, I am going to a very ethnic village called Etar (Етър). In the village, there are many museums about people that have lived in the past, but mainly people that helped Bulgaria be independent from the ottomans. More specifically, Vasil Levski, Dimcho Delelyanov and many more…. Since in Etar, there are two hotels available, which can’t fit my family […]

Windows 11 – First Glance at it.

It’s that time… The time in which Microsoft finally has planned a new Windows, and it hasn’t happened in 6 years. Microsoft is finally planning on releasing a new operating system, called Windows 11. Many people thought that Microsoft would make Windows 10 into, just Windows, but we were wrong, because there was a leaked ISO file that apparently represented […]

Macs with the new M1 chip…

This is a blog in which I will express my opinion about the new M1 chips. This post was supposed to be published in March, but I had a lot of different things to do (mostly school). When Apple first announced that they were switching to a new processor architecture, which is used in most phones today, (it is called […]

My computer interest through the years.

As you may know, I love computers and the logic behind them, but what sparked a light in my head about them. My first interactions with a computer were around early 2012 when Windows 7 was a hit and Windows 8 was released. I used the family computer and could navigate to YouTube in Chrome and Play Windows 7 games. […]

alokinOS – Feature Update

Install the latest feature update of alokinOS from the button below. New features: Transparent Windows Google Chrome Security improvements alokinOS is no longer in beta, this is a stable release. Instructions: Install VMWare Player (12 or later) https://www.vmware.com/products/workstation-player/workstation-player-evaluation.html Install the file from the button (it’s about 6GB) Once you have downloaded it, extract the folder inside to anywhere you want […]


Introducing – aOS “Sunrise”! (otherwise called alokinGI) A simple, and beautiful operating system. aOS is the key to customization. Thanks to KDE (kde.org), you can customize your aOS in many ways. You can customize: Fonts Themes Icons Cursors Log-in screens Loading Screens and many more… With alokinOS’ clean controls, icons and management tools, you can navigate around easilly. If you […]